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Eating better

My diet is awful. My addictive personality has me eating everything I should not. The kicker is that I LOVE healthy food. Fruits. Veggies of all kinds. Lean meats.  My new obsession is kale chips.
But I lean toward the shit convenient foods.

Harley Pasternak says that 80% of weight loss is what you eat.
I believe him. He trains the hottest bodies in Hollywood. And he’s Canadian.
So ya.  I have that to work on. I am trying.

Watch for my FotoFriday over at UrbanMoms to see where much of my motivation is coming from these days.


Day 2 and 3

Day 2 – yesterday was kind of a bust. We took the kids to our friends for a swim and I did a couple of laps. Treaded water for a bit.  Lame.

Day 3 – today was better.
Every Monday I drop Eva off at the local rec centre with my dad and he takes her swimming while I run around doing errands.
I realized that I wasn’t taking advantage of this great opportunity for exercise.
Today I took her to the pool, handed her off to my dad and I hopped into the lap pool.

I did laps for 30 minutes before Eva called me over to come into the play pool with her and Granda.
Wow – I felt incredibly out of shape going back and forth.
I did enjoy the burn in my legs, arms and shoulders. It was a good workout.

Busy day tomorrow. I need to think of a way to fit some fitness in.

Daily Fitness – Day 1

I have had this blog for several months now and have just played around here and there with it.

Today I decided that I am going to use it to track my goal of doing something good for my body every day.
Something fitness related. If I track it here – I’m accountable.

I’ve been bitching for a long time about being unhappy with how I look.
Lately I’ve been unhappy with how I feel.

There are a couple of pictures floating around our house of me in a bikini. We were at the beach. Cuyler was around 2.5.
I rocked that bikini so hard.
I gotta be honest – I loved being skinny.
Beyond being thin, I was toned.
And tight.
And had TWO kids already.
Currently I am not toned nor tight.

I know I won’t look like that again and I’m ok with that. I had the boys in my twenties. I had Eva in my thirties. A lot changes.  Shifts.
I do need to make some changes and I think as I near my next decade that there is no time like today to start.

I have a gym membership that I barely use. I think I need to do a variety of things so I don’t get bored.

I spotted these stairs in the winter when it was full of tobogganers and thought it would be a good workout. I’ve been wanting to add it in to my regime for awhile and today I did.

I did 10 up, 10 down.
For the “ten up” I alternated between sprinting and moderate walking.
I did one more up and when I got to the top I ran around the school, out to the street and down the road back to where my van was parked. At the time I tried my very best not to vomit beside my van.
Then I stretched, chugged back some water. And went on my way thinkng “Damn, I am out of shape!”

After the kids went to bed I did a bunch of pilates leg exercises while I watched 48 Hours Mystery.
I also did some weights for my arms.

I wonder what I’ll do tomorrow?