Day 2 and 3

Day 2 – yesterday was kind of a bust. We took the kids to our friends for a swim and I did a couple of laps. Treaded water for a bit.  Lame.

Day 3 – today was better.
Every Monday I drop Eva off at the local rec centre with my dad and he takes her swimming while I run around doing errands.
I realized that I wasn’t taking advantage of this great opportunity for exercise.
Today I took her to the pool, handed her off to my dad and I hopped into the lap pool.

I did laps for 30 minutes before Eva called me over to come into the play pool with her and Granda.
Wow – I felt incredibly out of shape going back and forth.
I did enjoy the burn in my legs, arms and shoulders. It was a good workout.

Busy day tomorrow. I need to think of a way to fit some fitness in.

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