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Intentions 2014

I find every January 1st to be a bit cringe-worthy. The expectations are so high to make the upcoming year “the best yet!” or “better than ever!” or at the very least “better than last year”.
I never resolve to do anything. I just intend to do things. That way if I don’t end up doing them, then I don’t feel like I’ve failed to complete a task.

While there were a few events last year that jarred us, we arrived at 2014 happy, healthy and together. Can’t ask for more than that.

Would I like to get in shape? Hell yes.
This is the year I turn forty. I’ve been warned that everything changes the minute you hit 40.
I expect by this time next year I’ll require eye glasses of some sort and that my nipples will be markedly closer to my belly button.
I have quietly challenged myself to be #fitby40. I’m not sure when or where the motivation is going to come from, because I don’t have it yet. But it sounds like a really good intention – to be fit by 40. We’ll see how that goes.
If I look the exact same as I do now on July 22, I promise that I will stop referring to my mid-section as baby weight.
The “baby” turns 7 in 10 days.

I’d like to read a book this year. That’s right. Just one. Keeping my expectations low reasonable. I read one book last year – The Birth House. It was a great read and I wondered why I don’t read more. But then I didn’t read another book.
I’ll take suggestions, please!

I am just going to ahead and admit it. I own a Canon T2i DSLR that I love and I have been using the auto settings for as long as I’ve had it. I want to learn to to actually USE it. Manual settings and all.

Those are the specific intentions.

The rest?
Be kind.
Be compassionate.
Be more confident.
Be less judgmental.
Curse less.
Eat less chocolate.
Drink more water.
Go to bed earlier.

That’s it.
Anything specific on your list?